Maximum Web Hosting

Maximum Web Hosting

Structured for large content heavy websites.
Lite Web Hosting

Lite Web Hosting

Most popular all round hosting package suited for small to medium businesses.
Medium Web Hosting

Medium Web Hosting

Structured hosting package to handle heavier data usage and emails.

Welcome to LogicLink

LogicLink is a web development and hosting company. We can help you realise your online presence from concept to completion.

How to easily register a web domain.

  • Think of a name you would like to use ( or
  • We check the availability of the chosen name and register it with UniForum
  • Once registered we help you choose a hosting package that best suits the needs of you or your company
  • We set up your email addresses (,

That's it! You can start sending and receiving emails from your new domain. Now you need to present an appearance to the rest of the world.

How to get your website up and running.

  • You choose a few options on how you want the overall design to look like (colours, layout, etc.)
  • We present you with three different template designs based on your criteria, you select one of them and we tweak it until you are completely satisfied with the design
  • Decide on the operations you wish the site to perform (photo gallery, newsletter, blog, product displays, online shop, etc.)
  • All web development done by us includes a secure site administration tool where you can update any of your content pages at any time. There is no limit on how many pages you can have on your site. You can create, update or delete pages and it will immediately reflect on the site. An online enquiries form is also included.
  • Development starts. The timeline for site development can be anything from one to eight weeks, depending on website operations

We focus on the aspects of an agile methodology that embrace transparent and open collaboration, constant feedback loops, and a strong ability to respond quickly to changing requirements.

Gathering feedback is of fundamental importance to agile development. Feedback from the users of the application and other project stakeholders, feedback from the development team members, and feedback directly from the software itself. Developing software in a manner that will allow it to tell you when something is broken can turn the fear associated with integrating and deploying web applications into complete certainty that the website application performs optimally.

Extreme Web Hosting

Extreme Web Hosting

For massive content driven websites and mass email handling.
Website Development

Website Development

Website development with unlimited number of pages.
Website Design

Website Design

We design a website template according to your needs.


Secure Web Administration

We offer a secure platform where you can easily manage the content on your website


Data is the currency of the internet, regular backups ensure the safety of your content

Always online

Secure web servers ensure that you will never be offline

Web Technology

History of the Internet

A view of where it all began and where we are today

Social media

Social media has become a major part of any web presence. Know why it is important

What web technologies we use

Find out what web technologies we use to put everything together

Web design & development

Website Template Update

Website Template Update

Update the look and feel of your current website.
Newsletter and email lists

Newsletter and email lists

Send newsletters from your website to keep in touch with cli


Follow this easy step by step guide to get your own personal web site

  • Choose a name for your web domain
  • Use our easy selection tool to find the best hosting package to suit your needs
  • Choose your email addresses
  • Select a design or use the website builder tool to create your own
  • Select the functionality (blog, online shop, newsletter, photo gallery, invoicing, etc.)

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