Maximum Web Hosting

Maximum Web Hosting

Structured for large content heavy websites.
Lite Web Hosting

Lite Web Hosting

Most popular all round hosting package suited for small to medium businesses.
Medium Web Hosting

Medium Web Hosting

Structured hosting package to handle heavier data usage and emails.

Explanation of Web Terms

Use this section to make sense of the terms used to better understand how everything fits together in the world wide web.

Domain name registration:

You will need to pay this fee Yearly as this is your website name on the world wide web and without this registration you will not be on the internet.


This is your space on the server where all your data is stored e.g. images, content e-mails etc.

Website Design:

Remember this is your company's look and feel to present a united recognizable appearance to the rest of the world, if it is a free template it will not be unique to your company (Other company's also use them). The Design of your page has an immediate effect on it's user-friendliness and usability if it is not easy to read your visitors will possibly go to another site and you might lose business because of this. Despite what people claim, books are frequently judged by their cover, and websites are no different. When visitors and potential clients arrive at your website, it's the website design that's the first thing to greet them.

Website development:

This is the actual code being written by the web developers to make the website work.


The programming language used by web developers. Programming languages include PHP, JSP, ASP which is used to manage database data and generate dynamic page displays.


This is the most important part of web development. It allows you to save user input and recall the saved data when needed.


The pages your visitors can see/access/click on.


A secure area of your website where you log in with a username and password to administrate/update elements of your site.

Image Gallery:

This is the pictures for your site, many internet users prefer to look at pictures instead of reading a whole lot on fist entering any website it is only when they like what they see that they start reading, otherwise they will just close the site and move on to the next website that has better eye candy.

Contact us:

This speaks for it self if they can not contact you how will you do business so this one is very important and thus a must.

Online enquiries:

An online enquiries form is used by visitors to submit questions/queries they may have about your services or products without having to pick up the phone and make a call.


This part of the website is what brings you business. Visitors begin to read about what you have to offer and if it fit their needs. The more usefull content you have, the more likely your website is to be picked up by search engines (Google, Yahoo).

Extreme Web Hosting

Extreme Web Hosting

For massive content driven websites and mass email handling.
Website Development

Website Development

Website development with unlimited number of pages.
Website Design

Website Design

We design a website template according to your needs.


Secure Web Administration

We offer a secure platform where you can easily manage the content on your website


Data is the currency of the internet, regular backups ensure the safety of your content

Always online

Secure web servers ensure that you will never be offline

Web Technology

History of the Internet

A view of where it all began and where we are today

Social media

Social media has become a major part of any web presence. Know why it is important

What web technologies we use

Find out what web technologies we use to put everything together

Web design & development

Website Template Update

Website Template Update

Update the look and feel of your current website.
Newsletter and email lists

Newsletter and email lists

Send newsletters from your website to keep in touch with cli


Follow this easy step by step guide to get your own personal web site

  • Choose a name for your web domain
  • Use our easy selection tool to find the best hosting package to suit your needs
  • Choose your email addresses
  • Select a design or use the website builder tool to create your own
  • Select the functionality (blog, online shop, newsletter, photo gallery, invoicing, etc.)

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